The Mclaren 570s Returns for Another Lap to Rocket League

In recent months we saw several great additions to the Rocket League garage. Many famous Formula 1 race cars are part of it. The players were able to purchase a NASCAR body and decals and also the excellent Lamborghini Huracán STO. Now the Rocket League has received a most iconic car once again. It is none other than the McLaren 570S. The previous McLaren 570S was the first of its kind to get transformed into a supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered car. Also, it had eye-catching bold orange paint. Now the car is looking more attractive in silver. Many ardent players of the Rocket League are trying to get hold of the car with a new silver decal and wheels.

What does it cost?

The new upgraded pack costs 900 Credits but the complete McLaren 570S Pack is 2,000 Credits. This is the standard price of the premium cars and their items. It will be available in the item shop from May 27th to June 2nd.

What can you find in Rocket League McLaren 570S Pack?

The newest addition McLaren 570S Pack is the first comeback of the 570S models. The game has brought back the car with Silver Decal. But there are also other things you can get. You will get a McLaren 570S car that will contain a Dominus hitbox. It is the same car from 2018 but with some excellent modifications. Also, you will get the originals wheels set and engine audio.

The new addition contains a gorgeous McLaren 570S Decal that is painted in glossy silver paint. Then the McLaren 570S Wheel is also painted in silver. If you look at the screen the sudden glimpse of the car will leave you spellbound. It is that much attractive and you will feel excited to use it for the races.

Along with all the fancy parts, the new car will have the player banners of McLaren I, McLaren II, and McLaren III. But the upgrade pack will come with only one banner. The items you get from the McLaren packs is only suitable for the McLaren 570S. Also, the car cannot be equipped with all the items at once. So, you have to keep these details in mind.

Further, there is a new update. The developers have fixed the bug that caused the players to mix with the invisible car. Therefore, there is no need to go to the lobby after each game.


These are the great surprises the Rocket League has offered for its gamers. Enjoy playing the game with the new pack benefits.

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