Valorant Brings Back Night Market as Part of The Game’s YR1 Celebration Event

Valorant is one of the famous free-to-play first-person shooter games. The developers of this game are Riot Games. Also, this fantastic game has completed its one year on June 2nd. The developers are working on the mobile version of the Valorant for the mobile gamers to have a taste of the game. But the company has offered no further details on this news. There is other exciting news about the game. Now Valorant Brings Back Night Market. It will be part of the ‘YR1’ celebration event and it will have community voting for the Giveback bundle. You can find more details about this topic here.

Why is Valorant popular?

Valorant is a great video game as the players can play as a hero shooter. The characters in the game are designed based on people from several countries and cultures. In the beginning stages of the game, the players get the mission to either attack or defend. Each of the teams will have five players in it.

The agents in the game will have unique abilities for kill, death and spike actions. Also, the players can use the pistol in the game to shoot the opponent. Other excellent and high-end weapons have to be bought from the in-game economic system. Currently, there are fifteen agents in the game and the player has to choose one from it to play.

What does the Night Market have?


The new Night Market feature will offer power to the community as they can vote and decide the bundle of four skins. Then it will be sold and the money will be given to the charities. In this year’s YR1 Celebration Event the new player cards and the account leveling will be available in the game. Also, there will be other exciting things for the players. 

In the Night Market, the players will be able to sell old skins for a discount. This is because the Riot Games received lots of backlash from the fans after what happened at the previous Night Market event. That is why Riot Skin has put restrictions on two skins for a weapon. Therefore, the buyers can get a maximum of two skins for the same gun at the Night Market. It will get decided at random.

The Night Market is going to offer six skins at discounted rates. So the buyers will get the chance to purchase them for low rates. Some of these weapons are knife skins and each player will get to have a specific number of skins. The Riot Games have placed the guarantees so the players will know when Valorant Brings Back Night Market. 

Along with the Night Market, the players can also vote on the skins for the ‘Give Back’ Bundle. This is the bundle that will go for the charity. The players will be able to see great cosmetics like Ion Operator, Reaver Vandal, Prime 2.0 Phantom and more. Therefore, these are some of the special treats waiting for the players of Valorant.


Valorant is a great game and it is going to surprise its fans with new additions. The Night Market is going to be a celebration as Valorant Brings Back Night Market.

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