Wasteland 3 the battle of Steeltown review

Wasteland 3 is an excellent role-playing video game developed by inXile Entertainment. This game is a suitable sequel for Wasteland 2. The gamers who play the game have to make various choices to survive the game. Their choices will impact the game and this is one of its best features. Our Wasteland 3: The Battle of Steeltown has an appropriate name. The world of the game is battle crazy. You will find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world. The first expansion of the game will take you to a massive factory that provides Colorado with weapons and other gears. Along with the merits, there are also various demerits in the game.

Also, there are many other aspects of the game and they will be discussed here. You can have a look at the Wasteland 3 review. Then you can understand the game better. It will give you a good perspective about the game.

The Gameplay of Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 is a squad-based role-playing game. It lives up to this well. The players will find themselves in the frozen land so they need to get food and water to survive. Also, they have to make good choices because their entire lives in the game depend on it. Some wrong decisions can lead to a lot of trouble. But some decisions can affect the story.  Also, the game has a vehicle that the player will use to travel around the world. When they get supplies, they store them in the vehicle. Further, there is a feature to play the game along with another player.

The gameplay of the game is interesting. The players can access the contents of Wasteland 3 when they come to the ninth level. Then the story will begin. In the game, the factory workers are on strike so there are some problems the players have to face. As rangers, they have to save the day by getting rid of an AI machine that is taking decisions on its own. But some players felt that the writing is over the top. Yet there are good characters who have a lot of depth. They perfectly suit the phase of the gameplay.

The Plot of Wasteland 3

The Wasteland 3 takes place in post-apocalyptic Colorado. The player has to take control of two rangers from Arizona. They are the members of a team who survived the mission in Colorado. Also, the two rangers are forced to work for the local “Patriarch” because they want to earn support for the Arizona Rangers. The events that happened in the previous game made the rangers work hard for food and water.

Then the rangers get a mission from the Patriarch to find his three heirs who have gone wild. But the rangers find that the Patriarch is a brutal one so they join a rebellion against him. The players have to decide to go against the Patriarch or to work for him.

The storyline of the game changes according to the decision the player makes. This is one interesting aspect. There are lots of things for them to do. That is why the game received positive reviews. Many players loved the plot as there are lots of stories to explore on. There is the Patriarch who gives job for the rangers. He is the main antagonist of the story. Also, he gives various missions to the rangers and offers them food and water. Many of the settlements in the Colorado region are afraid of him. He asks the rangers to find his three heirs who want to get rid of him. But later he comes across as a brutal man who harasses people.

Combat and weapons

There are a lot of weapons in Wasteland 3. More than the previous game the emphasis is given a lot for combat. Many players were satisfied with it. The enemies and the friends in the game take turns. So, in a team, the player can choose which character they want to shoot. This means you can use your strong characters anytime you prefer. There is a lot of interaction between the team in this game so the combat is easy. The players can form a great plan of action to kill their enemies.

As a player, you can blow up a place or a person with explosive barrels. Also, you can use some really big guns. That is why it is satisfying to use weapons.  You will find yourself in situations where it is hard to survive. But by using the rangers to advantage and other battle techniques you can survive the attacks. So, every battle will be worth your sweat. There is a weapon called Frozen Ferret Launcher which makes it easy for you to revive the fallen team members. Therefore, it is good for health boosts too. It helps to come out of hopeless cases.


The game offers six-person team. Each of the members of the team is good at some skill. Therefore, you can tackle all the missions in the game by using the advantage of a team member. For instance, you can use the member with high-explosive expertise to find out if there are any landmines. Then you can escape all of it along with your team. There are many options and skills you can make use of in the game which is a plus.


Wasteland 3 Battle of Steeltown is a great game to play. There are several amazing features ready for you in the game. Therefore, enjoy playing it.

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