What is a Homegroup and How to Create a Homegroup in Windows 10

If you are using multiple PCs in your home then there is a way to manage it well. You can use the feature called a homegroup which will help you to share the services of the printers and other devices with others. It is one of the beneficial features in Windows and is available for a long time. But now this feature is used in many homes more and more as people are working from home. With this feature, it has become easy for people in the house to share the printer and other devices even if they work on their PC. Here you can learn the process of setting up Homegroup in your windows 10. It is quite easy to do.

The Homegroup feature debuted in Windows 7. Because of the system update, some Windows 10 users cannot use the Homegroup feature. But with the process given here, you can try creating the homegroup on your Windows 10 PC. Therefore, continue reading to know more about Homegroup and its setting up process.

What is a Homegroup? What is the use of a Homegroup?   

A homegroup is a group where the PCs in a home can join to share files and pictures. So when the people in the home use the homegroup they can share everything easily. For instance, they can share pictures, videos, printers with the people in the homegroup. Also, there is a way to keep the homegroup secure. If you want to secure the homegroup in your home then you have to keep a password. When sharing you have to enter the password and then continue with the work. The other people cannot share the files as they will not have permission to enter the homegroup. But the person in a homegroup can permit another person if they want them to share the files.

After creating the homegroup you can also create the libraries for instance the libraries for My Pictures or My Documents. Then you can share them. Further, there is a way to prevent specific files from getting shared from the libraries.

Homegroup feature is available in Windows 7, Windows RT 8.1, and Windows 10. Also, you can join a homegroup on a PC with Windows RT 8.1 but you cannot make a homegroup or share contents through it. Further in Windows 7, you can join the Homegroup but you cannot create one. There is no particular number of PCs required to join Homegroup so you can join your home PCs in the Homegroup easily.

How to set up a Homegroup in Windows 10?

Before beginning the process switch off the network connection of the other computers in your home. Then switch on the network of the computer you are using. This is the computer you have to use to create the homegroup.

Also, your computer has to follow the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6). Without this, you cannot add the computers to Homegroup. Go to the network connections and change the version.

Then follow the process given below to create a homegroup and to add computers in the homegroup.

  • To create your homegroup you have to first click start.

  • Then go to the settings > Networking & Internet > Status > HomeGroup.

  • Then the homegroup control panel will appear.

  • Press Create a homegroup.

  • After that click Next.

  • Click the list box in the Permissions. Then click the items that you will prefer to share with the other computers in your home network.

  • The items in the list box will be the libraries for the Windows user account.

  • Now click Next.

  • Then the Windows will begin to configure the selections.

  • The password will get generated. You have to write this down as you have to enter when joining another computer to the group.

How to join the homegroup?

  • Open the File Explorer and press Homegroup in the navigation pane.

  • Click Join Now.

  • But if you cannot see the Homegroup in the explorer you can try Settings > Network & Internet > Status > Homegroup and press Join Now.

  • Press Next.

  • Select what you would like to share and then press Next.

  • Enter the password that you wrote down earlier. Then press Next. The windows will configure the homegroup permissions so you have to wait for some time. If Windows does not detect the homegroup then try this process again.

  • If you want to view the contents of the homegroup then open the File Explorer.

  • Now expand the homegroup then choose one of the homegroups listed. 

How to troubleshoot the Homegroup?

When using the homegroup you have to make your network environment to be in private. Then to do this you have to right-click the network icon. You can find it in the notification area.

  • Press Open Network and Sharing Center and then tap HomeGroup.

  • Now begin the HomeGroup troubleshooter link to start the troubleshooter.

  • After that follow the onscreen instructions.

  • Also, you can run the HomeGroup troubleshooter on your PC where you created the HomeGroup.

  • To make your network private you can open Network and Sharing Center and press Change advanced sharing settings.

  • Then expand the private and choose Turn off network discovery.

  • After that click saves changes.

  • Open the network explorer and then press Network discovery is turned off.

  • To make the homegroup detectable you can try synchronizing the time and date of the computers in Homegroup.

  • Sometimes the Firewall can block the homegroup from getting detected so click the option Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall and then Change settings. Ensure if the HomeGroup is checked and press OK.

How to manage Homegroup?

If you want to change or modify any settings in the Homegroup then you can open Settings > Network & Internet > Status > HomeGroups. Here you can update the HomeGroups password. Further, you can change the type of media you want to share. Also, you can remove or add computers to the homegroup.


Homegroup is a very good feature. All the members of your family can share a single printer without any issues if you use this feature. Also, you can share files and pictures easily with the computers in the homegroup. 

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