WOW Classic TBC: How To Make Gold Early In The Burning Crusade

World of Warcraft (WOW): Burning Crusade Classic is an exciting game with amazing characters and a plot. There are lots of activities and tasks you can do in the game. Are you looking for a reliable way to make gold early in the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic? Then you are in the right place. Gold is very easy to earn in The Burning Crusade. As the flying mounts are available now you have to ensure if enough gold is available for you to play well. Therefore, there are some tips with which you can earn gold. Here is the guide that will help you to earn gold easily. Follow the tips given here and become an expert in The Burning Crusade.

world of warcraft frizztechworld of warcraft frizztech

The Gold farming tips in The Burning Crusade

The loots

You will get a lot of junk if you loot the enemies. But sometimes you may only want to loot the things that matter. Yet if you look at junks it can add up to something. So take what you get. Further, check in the auction house how much the items are. This will help you to keep the items that matter without selling them to the vendor. Then you can get more money if you sell the items to the other players.

Manage the bag space

Having lots of space in the bag is good. But it is also essential to gather more stuff in it. The materials in it will quickly take more room and you may have to take frequent trips to the auction house. This is not required. Therefore, it is good to clean the bags as soon as possible and take away all the needless stuff.

Create a second character

World of warcraft Game frizztechWorld of warcraft Game frizztech

Keeping a second character is very useful. You need not level the character to 70 but you can keep them next to the bank or the mailbox. Then you can access materials easily. Also, there is no auction house in Outland so you can have a character camped near Azeroth. This will save you lots of time. To choose a character profession you can go to WoW Classic professions that will complement the choices of the main character. Then the third character can be your banker.

Know how to fish

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Fishing is one of the main professions in the World of Warcraft. It is quite a lucrative trade in the new Outland zones. The fish caught by you can be used in endgame cooking recipes. Also, you have to get the chance to fish in the ‘Mote of Water’ which can become the Primal water. Then you can sell it in the auction house for a good price.

The fishing may not excite you in the game because there are other exciting tasks available. But it is good for you to earn gold and you can relax a bit when you take part in fishing.

Make effective use of auction house

When you are planning to make gold then you have to use the auction house wisely. You will have to learn what is in demand. Sometimes the rate of the things in the auction house can vary. So, you always have to keep a close eye on the house.

The Primals will sell well in the auction house. You will get surprised how much gold you can make when you watch the market. This is one of the good tricks to earn gold quickly in The Burning Crusade.

Use craft items

wow frizztechwow frizztech

Many craft items you make in the game can be sold in the auction house. One of the crafts in the game that you can focus on is Jewelcrafting. Another craft is tailoring which is a lucrative business. You can find the cloth drops in the game and create dress or bags. Then you can sell it in the auction house. You can check what craft items are selling well and do it.

Perform the gathering profession

If you do not want to craft items and sell then you can simply gather the items you get in the game and sell it. This is much easier. Some of the items like mats sell well. Also if you are into herbalism or any other trade in the game then you can use it to your benefit to get gold. You can farm those items and sell them at the auction house.

Take part in the quests

The Burning Crusade Classic contains daily quests. Some quests involve unlocking items and you will get the gold reward for it. Also, there are the daily dungeon quests present in the Shattrath that offer gold. You can find activities similar to these that offer gold. This will increase your gold quickly in the game. Therefore, do not forget to do the daily quests in the game.


These are the ways by which you can earn gold early in The Burning Crusade. Enjoy the World of Warcraft and become successful in it by earning gold.

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